Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Just doing some catching up, because I do FAR more drawing than I do posting.

And I was messing around with some keys to some dialogue I recorded of my little cousin.

Don't worry baby...


Meli said...

wow your art is amazing. i wish i had an ounce of your talent. being able to draw and paint like that, you really hold all the cards in your hand. i'm a voice over talent and i know people like me are a dime a dozen but getting someone to illustrate or animate is so hard. you really can pick and choose.

have you always been this good? are you a natural or did you take classes for this?

IZA said...

Thanks! I really appreciate it, and it is a huge compliment!

Well, I haven't always been this good, although, the main thing is, I've always drawn and always had a passion for all this.

I did go to school for animation, but the school I went to sucked (most do) only a few are really worth going to.

Thanks so much for the sweet comment!

Meli said...

you're welcome! :) the stuff of your little cousin looks so cute. i'd love to see all that come together.

i found your blog through your twitter. you've got so much eye candy here. i haven't gotten too far in your blog yet. do you have anything that you've done that was put to audio that i could look at?

IZA said...

Well, nothing really new. Only one old animated short me and 2 friends did for a contest:


BUT, I AM working on some new animation stuff, (an animated short to be exact) Which will have animation to dialogue. But it's a work in progress right now, nothing to really show just yet. (except for the blog for that idea, where I keep a track of my visual development of it)


Justin said...

Always a delight to see your work man. Great stuff all around!

Susie Bones said...

haha i really like these, especially the vending machine and the kaiju (right?) tipping it hat off to the hot dog guy :D!

Susie Bones said...

oh, and the fly is funny hehe

czet design said...

nice~~!!!!! i like those drawings~~!!! the paintings r too amazing~~!!!!